joi, 31 decembrie 2009

Ioana - Sabina va multumeste :

- Cristina Opris
- Sergiu Geamanu
- Irina Pavliuc
- Ion Andritoiu
- Patran Florin
- Szabo Horatiu
- Bolboaca Gabriel
- Gheorghe Soresc Anca-Luana
- Uifalean Mircea-Calin
- Oana Vinte
- M.Marius-Nicolae
- Mihai Adrian Ionescu
- Bulache Ioan-Veniamin
- Catana Ana-Gabriela
- Sinca Florin-Eugen
- Niculescu Luminita-Mariana
- Media Link Communication SRL
- Pogana V.
- Popa Alina-Mirela
- Cupsa Liliana Daniela
- Spac Igor
- Luminita Taranu
- Si desigur,celor care au dorit sa fie anonimi.

luni, 28 decembrie 2009

Ioana - Sabina va multumeste :

Elena Cobaschi
Pop Mihaela Paunita
Firtat Simona - Anca (din partea GMP Advertising)
GMP Advertising
Roman Mihaela - Daniela
Rusu Ioachim Daniel
Marinela Mitria
Feceoru Adina-Georgiana
Istratescu Radu Alexandru
Toader Andreea Cristina
Ispravnic Dragos-Ionut
Taralunga Ana Maria
Georgescu Adrian - Sorin
Bahcevanii Adina Mariana
Florin R. Coman
Relenschi Constantin Mircea
Creita Aurelia Dana
Timisescu Paulina
Palibroda Nicolae
Manea Rares
Polgar Andrei
Dumitrescu Ecaterina
Florin Grigore
Ovidiu Popescu
Stroe Mircea
Filip Endresen, Silvia
Serbanescu Dan-Marius
Niculescu Maria Magdalena
Musteata Mona Alina (din partea fam.Dumitru)
Ciobotaru M.G.
Si desigur,celor care au dorit sa fie anonimi.

Situatie financiara - 28 decembrie 2009

vineri, 25 decembrie 2009

Craciun fericit - Merry Christmas - Joyeux Noel

Craciun fericit si multa sanatate tuturor.
Merry christmas and good health for all.
Joyeux Noel et une bonne sante pour tous.


Situatie financiara - 25 decembrie 2009

duminică, 20 decembrie 2009

Ioana-Sabina multumeste tuturor,

celor care au ajutat-o sa faca un "pas" catre doctorul Philippe Monnier:

Alexandra Oguey,Roxana Panaitescu,Cosmin Radoi,Sinca Florin Eugen,Danes Marian-Nicolae,Dan Corina Paula, Neamtu Cristina- Alina,Musteata Mona Alina,Stanescu Dan,Alexandra Pol,Fane Ioana Olga,Gheorghe Valentin,Ciobanu Andreea - Daniela,Tobosaru Diana,Dan Poltorac,Daniela Gavrilescu,Razvan M Radu,Calin Costin-George,Pandele Sandel Cristian,Sendroiu Dan,Cracan Raluca,Munteanu Tereza,Pecheanu Daniela,Tudor Valentina,Gurau Lucretiu Paul,Tufa Laura Simona,Madalina C Puiu,Alexandra Rosulescu,
Balaj Ioana - Alina,Tibacu Dan Alexandru,Firac Daniel Augustin,Nicolau Bogdan - Silviu,Grigoras Marius-Robert,Teodorescu Adriana Miruna,Bastuceanu Ileana Paulina,Juverdeanu Bogdan-Petru,Tarca Andrei,Marinescu Daniela-Ramona
Chivu Romeo Daniel,Ciobanescu Sorin,Goga Cristina Florina,Amariei Elena- Lidia,Marilena Mitra,Maris Emilia- Diana,Sova Clement- Viorel,Dimitriu Alexandra,
Mares Mihai Aurelian,Todea Nicolae,Niculescu Manole- Stefan,Paun Ioana,Popescu Adina,Sirghe Aristitza-Anca,Yellow Business SRL,Munteanu Raluca - Daniela,Banaru Carmen - Marcela,Padureanu Aurelia- Ramona,Negrean Radu,Scripcaru Elena Roxana,Tudor Mihaela si celor care au dorit sa fie anonimi.
Nu in ultimul rand,le multumeste prietenilor ei din Group Graffiti BBDO Bucuresti.
Tuturor le uram Craciun Fericit,Sarbatori frumoase, un An Nou plin de bucurii,realizari si multa-multa Sanatate!
Cu mult drag, Sabina,Ramona si Sabin care vor sa ajunga la timp la Laussane
Doamne Ajuta!

My Baby Girl’s Story

I don’t know how to start this off. All I know for sure is that we need help.
She was born on the 31st of October 2008 in Bucharest. She was 3.3 kilos (7.3 lbs), Apgar score 9.
I remember how I experienced that 31st of October, the moments before her birth up to the minute they brought her to me and I held her in my arms for the first time. I was so incredibly happy.
Until that same evening, when problems came up. The doctors did a medical check on her and diagnosed her with:
- complete common atrioventricular canal, Rastelli’s type A;
- persistent arterial canal;
- severe lung hypertension.
I have to say there were no problems during the pregnancy. We did all the medical tests on time; they could find nothing wrong with our baby’s heart.
After the post-birth diagnosis, she was catheterized at the Central Military Hospital. Then we were scheduled for hospitalization and surgery in Târgu Mureş. She had her heart operation done there. And then after-surgery complications appeared. Because of that we spent three months in various hospitals. We got back home last night.
This is what happened: three days after she’d been admitted to hospital she got an enteroviral infection. Another three days later, rhinopharyngitis. They catheterized her to assess her pulmonary resistance. Following the catheterization she got pneumonia. It was only after one month in hospital that Dr. H. Suciu was able to perform surgery on her. He told us afterwards that out of the 120 cases of complete common atrioventricular canal Rastelli’s type A that he had operated, our daughter’s was the most severe.
The surgery was 70-80% successful. However, due to severe pulmonary hypertension, a series of extubations and intubations followed. The intubation lasted two weeks. Then they had to perform tracheostomy on my daughter. So we stayed on for two more weeks, until they transferred us to the Marie Curie Hospital (Budimex) in Bucharest. That’s where we spent another two weeks. She had endoscopy done and that’s when we finally found out the diagnosis: it’s postintubation grade IV glotto-subglottic stenosis.
She needs two other surgical interventions. Their success depends mainly on the doctor’s surgical abilities. This type of surgery isn’t available in Romania, but only in Lausanne, Switzerland. It must cost a fortune(60000 euro).
I’m typing these lines and my hands are shaking. It’s been very tough so far. I’ve no idea how tough it’s going to be from now on. Sometimes I just don’t know what else I can do, how to do it, how to think about it.
I just know this one thing: I love my baby girl and I want this larynx problem solved. Because of the cannula she can’t make any sound. At times she can barely breathe, and that’s risky. For the moment we’re aspirating her ourselves. It’s really hard and…

This is our email:
Sabina blog:
We’ve opened these accounts:
Account Holder : Orbulescu Ioan-Sabin
Romanian currency (RON) account: RO03 INGB 0000 9999 0157 7010
Euro account: RO24 INGB 0000 9999 0157 7020
Swift Code: INGBROBU
ING Bank, Bucharest branch

miercuri, 16 decembrie 2009

Situatie financiara - 16 decembrie 2009

Situatie financiara

In primul rand,
multumim mult tuturor celor care au donat bani pentru operatia fetitei noastre scumpe,Ioana-Sabina.
Momentan sunt in conturi:
- 7033 lei
- 5140 euro
Ne mai trebuiesc inca 53000 de euro.Sa speram ca-i vom avea.
Doamne ajuta.

P.s.- multumim din suflet.